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eGift Cards

We offer eGift cards for purchase at our salon for all of our amazing services.

It's very easy to pick your desired amount and send to yourself to print and give to your intended recipient or you can email them the eGift card.

If you have any issues with purchasing, please email us at [email protected], and we will contact you to step you through the process.

Happy gifting!

Wash Off Tanning Mousse - $24

Try our new wash off bronzing tanning mousse! Our wash off mousse does not contain DHA. It is a beautiful bronzer that you can apply and wash off when you are done with your day. No dryness, just a beautiful brown bronzer in a medium or dark, your choice. Apply over an old tan that has started to fade, or use as a touchup or for a quick full tan. Don’t worry, it won’t rub off on your clothes. Consider this your emergency fix in a bottle!

Teeth Whitening Pen - $29

Sensitivity free on-the-go teeth whitening pen for whitening touch ups!

Tan in a Can - $45

This self-tanning mist aerosol spray delivers an ultra fine mist for an easy to use application. Use to extend the life of your spray tan or alone as a do-it-yourself gradual glow. Formulated with natural ingredients, the delicate hint of shimmer gives an immediate glow and allows for a flawless application.

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